Hospital Funeral Home Package Order Form

These packages are provided at no charge: we are a non-profit organisation. We are able to gift the packages to hospitalsfuneral homes and families because of the donations we receive and the support of some very generous freight companies.

Do you know of a Hospital or Funeral Home that would benefit from Angel Gowns?

If you know of a hospital or funeral home in your area that would benefit from our services, please fill out the Sign-up form.

Angel Package Supply Request Form
Delivery Address
Delivery Address
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Package quantities requested

300-430g (16-20wk)

430-800g (20-24wk)

800-1200g (24-28wk)

1200-2000g (28-32wk)

2000-3000g (32-36wk)

3000-4200g (36-40wk)

Supply frequency
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